April, 2018: Vanderbeak and Randolph Arizona has joined to preserve the unincorporated town of Randolph, Arizona.


Chickens are subject to some of the worst

cruelty and few resources offer them protection.

Vanderbeak is a public charity that provides shelter and

care for mistreated, unwanted, and endangered farm animals,

primarily roosters who are in need of a home, breeds of poultry

at risk of becoming extinct, a couple of alpacas, and a pair of llamas.

Vanderbeak is an Arizona farm animal rescue resource.

Hens on our farm are valued even if they are not producing eggs.

During their entire livespan the quality manure from both the hens

and roosters is the main ingredient required for our composting programs.

Chicken Farm
Two Hens On The Chicken Farm


Vanderbeak saves animals by:

- Housing threatened breeds of farm animals

- Participating in conservation projects

- Promoting awareness of extinction

- Showing compassion toward farm animals


By demonstrating compassionate caring toward farm

animals, we enhance the environment and the community.

June and July of 2016:

We traveled 4000 miles through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan with a flock of ten chickens riding along with us in the backseat of an old gold sedan.

Hundreds of people were smiling at our unusual feathered passengers.

More than one hundred people took pictures of the chickens

and several asked if they or their kids could hold one of them.

Some people we encountered told us they never saw a

rooster before and a few even asked if the roosters were real.

By the time we returned home the gold sedan was trashed, but

overall the trip was a success:

We initiated hundreds of smiles across twelve states and

informed everyone how affectionate and underestimated chickens are.


Our self-sufficient farming system has a positive

influence on the community and our staff.

We grow most of the food we eat and the trees surrounding us provide plenty of shade.